Do you recognize that Navy Captain?  Well, he isn't really a Navy Captain.
It's actor Robert Mitchum as Captain Victor "Pug" Henry, reporting for command duty aboard the USS Northampton.
This screen capture was taken during the opening minutes of the 1988 mini-series, "War and Remembrance".
Hector was towed to Inactive Ship Facility in Pearl Harbor (where this scene was likely filmed) after her decommissioning in March 1987.
You can see that she sits high in the water, due to the fact that she had probably been unfueled.
Alas, this was the only scene she was in, but if you look at the DVD box Cover (on the right), Hector is also diplayed there.

You can see a video clip of this on YouTube HERE
As Robert Mitchum's launch passes by the submarine, and if you look closely,
you can just catch Hector at the left of the screen, but you won't miss her at the top of the Gangaway.

"War and Remembrance" is available on VHS and DVD.