It's 900 miles, from Springfield to our house, in Keysville, Georgia. I never knew there were so many 18 wheelers. We had interstate highways all the way, so that gave me a lot of time to reflect upon our Springfield get-together.

Seeing old familiar faces one more time and sharing the moment of the memorial service have to be the highlights for me. I have been privileged to serve as ship’s chaplain for 21 years now and officiated at 10 memorials services. (I had canceled South Dakota due to a church member that was terminal with cancer).

In 1996, we met at Virginia Beach, Virginia. Elizabeth and I met and became friends with Bob Anderson. He was captain of the Hector from 1974-1977. Bob lived in Maine. He had a schooner he sailed from Maine to Key West and the Bahamas.

In 1998, he invited Elizabeth and I to come up to Maine and take a cruise with him down the East coast to the Bahamas. WOW!  Was I excited…..But conditions of one kind or another kept us from going with him.
With saddened heart, I read out his name 
at the Springfield Memorial Service 
September 28, 2014.

Each of you has some moment or person 
you keep wanting to share time with. 

Don’t  make  the  mistake  we   made.
It  only  comes  once.

God Bless........
Permission to leave Ship.......Padre

10 - 03 - 2014