Pakistan Navy Ship MOAWIN (ex-USS Hector)

As you know by our ship's History, the ex-USS Hector was leased to Pakistan from 1989-1994,
and was refitted in Subic Bay.  She was renamed PNS MOAWIN ("MOAWIN" means "the Helpful"),
and was used  as tender for eight Brooke/Garcia class ships also leased from the US Navy.
These photos were contributed by Zahid Ismail, the son of the MOAWIN's Executive Officer.

(XO) CDR Ghulam Muhammad, Pakistan Navy, PNS MOAWIN, Arabian Sea

At Subic Bay ready to get underway for Pakistan

PNS MOAWIN's officers at stern

Last crew on day of decommissioning

After party in the holy month of Ramadan

Lowering the pennant of Pakistan after decommissioning

MOAWIN Paperweight

Zahid is looking for some interior pictures, such as the Bridge or Wardroom area.
If you can help him, contact:  Dennis Stahl