Hector Goes Hollywood

Text and Photos from FEBRUARY 1965 - SERVPAC BULLETIN


The new television series "Convoy" is being filmed aboard the SERVPAC repair ship USS HECTOR (AR-7).  The pilot film "Night Rendezvous" (co-starring the HECTOR) will be seen on a coast to coast television network. 

The leading stars of "Convoy" are Miss Gia Scala, John Gavin, and John Larch.  It is being filmed by Universal City Studios in Hollywood, under the direction of Siegel Productions.

Actor John Larch temporarily replaced Captain Charles E. Stastny as commanding officer as the HECTOR became a merchant vessel of WWII.

In the first episode, "Night Rendezvous" the HECTOR survives a torpedo hit, simulated, of course, in spite of plenty of smoke, fire and gashes in the bulkheads and decks.


Scene two-Take one.  Cameramen get ready to shoot another scene of "Convoy" aboard USS Hector (AR-7)

NEED A LITTLE HELP?  Actress Gia Scala helps John Gavin to  a chair.    Gavin just survived a torpedo hit on HECTOR during a recent filming of the new TV Series.    "Convoy" will be released in the near future
The Association has obtained a VHS copy of the pilot episode of CONVOY
It is in the hands of the Hector Historian and will be available for viewing at Reunions