Miscellaneous Photos

Hector's Forward Gunmounts

Hector Sunset
Photos in above section by Mike McLoughlin - 71-75 - Operations

Board in the Repair Office, Subic Bay - April 1961.  Ships along side
in upper left corner. Other Ships in-port, at right side of board.
(Dallas Henessee, FN (59-62)

Did Hector have it's own small orchestra back in the mid 1940"s?

Messdecks - Mid 1940's

Man Overboard Drill - 17 May 1947
Photo submitted by Paul Burket  F1 MOMM (46-47)

"The Southern Comforts" entertaining the Crew - Summer 1972

Everyone knows how we got mail while at sea - The Mail Bouy Watch (1972)

The infamous Hector Missile built to confuse and confound the Enemy.
The 4 - 5" guns had previously been removed

USS Midway getting underway in Yokosuka, Japan - 1977

A boatdeck view at Mare Island - 1976

The "Hector Hoedowners" entertaining the Crew - 1977
Photos in above section by Greg Johnson EN3 (76-79)

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