Miscellaneous Photos 2

USS Hector 1987 Soft Ball Team
Photo submitted by Dan Akemon (85-87) HT2

The Hector Band playing at a Boxing Match in Sasebo, Japan - 1951
Photo submitted by Jesse Rush (48-52) FN

Machine Shop -Christmas 1971 (tree aft)
Photo by Patrick Augustiro 69-72 (HT3)

Hector was to tow the Korean Gunboat 'Paek-Ku' overseas in Jan 1972

The tow line snapped due to rough seas & a Fleet Tug had to complete the mission

En Route Kaohsiung to Subic Bay - March 1968

Approaching the Golden Gate Bridge - Early 80's

Admiral's Barge - Photo by Ed Connors 70-71 (RM3)

WW2 Navigational Map

Ship's Log: 11 Oct 42 - 3 Feb 46