Miscellaneous 3

Hector Mascot, Miss VJ (Victory over Japan), who came aboard on VJ Day - Saipan 1945
Photo submitted by Bob Roland

Bunk Lockers began to be installed in 1972 & privacy curtains added later

Bridge of the Hector minus her 5" guns 1982
Photo in this section by Bart Psenicnik 80-84 (MM2)

Bridge of the Hector 1972

Portside main deck facing aft (Evading a typhoon in 1972 - note the rough seas)

"Smoker" on the Boatdeck 1972
Photos in this section by James Ohr 69-73 (MM2)

Firefighting School in Sasebo, Japan late 1970

Most of us who worked below decks will remember this type of training
Firefighting photos by Jim Kirk, (LTJG-DCA) 70-71