Miscellaneous 4

R3 Div Electric Repair Shop

The old style "Racks" prior to the Locker-Bunks which began to be installed in 1972
Photos in this section byRichard M. Ingram  1965- 1970 (EM2)

Tug following Hector in to Yokosuka 1969

Returning from WESTPAC 69 - USS Ashtabula other side of pier

USS Tappahannock in floating drydock - Subic Bay 1969
Photos in this section by Jim Barcus (ET2)

Foundry crew casting anchor for the Vietnamese ship Cam-Ranh in 1972

Foundry Crew & Patternmakers with the finished product

"Outhouse" built for the Cam-Ranh

Photos in this section by David Asche 72-75 (ML3)

Crew at work on the Focsle on the 1984 cruise

Unusual view of the Focsle

Photos in this section by John Mitchell 84-87 (PN2)