US NAVY REPAIR SHIP: 1944 - 1987

State Flag

Many of the Attendees in the lobby of The Lodge of the Ozarks
Picture by a Professional Photographer
Bob Lea and Ken Estlund 
October 2001

Ken donated these two 
framed pictures of the 
USS Hector  AR-7 to be 
displayed at each ship 
reunion, and first displayed 
at the 2002 Reunion

Our Host Bob Lea 
hard at work getting 
everyone checked in.
Reunion Chairmen
Left to Right:

CarlTaylor (1998)
Dan Karwoski (1996 & 2000)
Nick Carter (1998)
Francis Ford (2000)
Robert Pratt (1992)
Bob Lea (2002)
Pete Pilgrim (2002)

The Plank Owners:

Some of the Members of Hector's First Crew

The USS Hector 
Memorial Plaque

Dedicated to our deceased Shipmates

A Few Who Could Still Fit 
into Their Old Uniforms
The Youngest & the Oldest 
in Attendance
  Some of the Crew from the 
Damage Control Workshop
Left to Right:

Charlie Atkins (71-74)
Dan McGraw (72-74)
Dennis Stahl (69-72)
Keith Seckel (72-74)

Machine Shops
R-2 Division: 61-64
Left to Right:

Gary Davis
Dennis Smith
Phil Zimmers
Chester Jewett (hiding)
Leon Ennis
Lance Talcott
Dallas Henessee

Machine Shop - Early 50's

Back Row L-R: 
Carroll Faris, Roy Barker

Middle Row L-R:
Joe Reynolds, Floyd Lovette
John Gilda

Front Row L-R:
Denis Dudray, Dean Schoanam
Bill Crowford, Wada Lovette

IC and Rewind Shops - 60's

Back Row L to R:
Wayne Brown, Don Rodriguez, 
Dennis Conroy, Jon Miller, 
Roy Meissner, Larry Malcom. 

Front Row L to R:
Roger Wilder, Ed Fairbanks

Some of the Ladies
Our Harry S. Truman Impersonator - 
Bob Neal from Nixa, MO
A WWII Army Signal Corps Veteran

Al Heyen (LtCDR) at right

HST with Co-Host,
Pete Pilgrim
The Banquet had 360 in Attendance

For Some of the Sights in and Around Branson