US NAVY REPAIR SHIP: 1944 - 1987

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2018 Reunion Group Photo
Our Hotel: the Holiday Inn Valley View
Getting everyone checked in
Host Norris Long leading the way
Family of Robert Kruske (BMSN) 50-54 (d. 4/9/17)
Hospitality Room (1)
Hospitality Room (2)
On to the Tour
Now for a long walk after unloading
National D-Day Memorial / Operation Overlord
D-Day Memorial (1)
D-Day Memorial (2)
D-Day Memorial (3)
Lunch @ Peaks of Otter Lodge (1)
Lunch @ Peaks of Otter Lodge (2)
Isn't LOVE grand?
School Bus at Museum of Transportation
Locomotives at Museum of Transportation
Pre-Humvees at Museum of Transportation
Uniforms with Guest Speaker (far right) Rear Admiral William Thorp USN (Ret)
Norris giving a Special Award to Romeo Cruz
Wall Hanging by Romeo Cruz
Colors Presentation
Music by Wayne Taylor, MCMU, USN Retired
Banquet (2)

144 registered for the Reunion but only 133 attended the Banquest due to Hurricane Florence

Sunday Service (1)
Sunday Service (2)

Link to Romeo Cruz's Reunion Video HERE
It runs 6 min 40secs & worth the watch !!!

Many thanks to those supplying photos:
Romeo Cruz 69-74 (SK2): Media Director
Keith Seckel 72-74 (HT3): Chief Photographer
Gene Bartolaba 71-74 (EM2)
Paul Wilant 72-74 (LI 2)
Bob Steele 62-63 (RM3)
Michelle Atkins