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Update from the hosts
April 2nd, 2020

I wish to give you another update, due to current events. I have had some phone calls from those of you who have tried to make reservations and are not getting through. Be advised that the Governor of Oregon has shut down all non-essential businesses. Many have laid off employees.

There may not be anyone there to answer the phone. Go ahead and leave a message and I am sure, when they are back online, you will hear from someone.

We do not know how long this current global crisis is going to go on. Most recent information I have received, is that we are in for a long haul here.  Please comply with health requests in your state and stay safe and healthy.

I have been getting daily reports from several military and law enforcement organizations I belong to. We Hector association officers are monitoring current information and communicating with each other. Please stay informed about events that are happening. Educate yourself on how stay healthy.

This is no joke or conspiracy. Do what ever it takes to stay secure and shelter as much as you can. I will keep you posted from the website or the Hector Herald as needed. Until further notice,  We are in a wait and watch mode.

We are monitoring the situation and when I hear from our venues and confer with our leadership and officers, will we then let you all know, if we are going to cancel or continue with the reunion in Portland.

I pray, God keep you safe and healthy and we see you in Portland in September.  

 Charlie and John, your hosts

Update from the co-hosts
March 24th, 2020

RE: current state of affairs-COVID-19 and Portland reunion

Ahoy shipmates: 

There has been some inquiry about the effects of the current Pandemic issues and its effect on our coming reunion in Portland, Oregon.

We are currently monitoring the progress and it is to early to make any decision about cancelling the reunion. I am of the mind to wait to see if this is going to run its course by July. Most of the Executive Board is on board with my opinion.

We have invested money into the venues and we have not heard that they are going to shut down in September yet. There are clauses in our contracts to be reviewed again. 

John and I have put a lot of work into this project and are not going to throw in the towel so quickly. Prudence and common sense and the USS Hector Executive board will make the call, if we are to proceed or stop.

It has been suggested that we move the reunion out one year for a one-time odd year reunion. I am not in favor of this personally. I don’t think it fair to those who may be already planning out for the 2022 reunion. *Also, I am tired. If we can not do the 2020 reunion as scheduled, then we will be the reunion that “never was”. It will be up to those in the future to carry the torch on. I won’t go into all the issues why I can not personally do another reunion, but I think those who have been past hosts will understand.

Please forgive me for being blunt, but reality dictates forthright communication. This year is set for some change that has been dear to my heart. We are currently reviewing some bylaw changes that can set Hector’s course in a direction with a good future outcome. I am hoping that we, as an association, can continue the legacy of the USS Hector that will live long after we are gone.

We have met difficult challenges before. Our Motto, can do, easy” should still be our mantra.

Until further notice, I will keep you updated on our progress and how we are affected by our current state of affairs. May this find you in good health. Stay safe and be part of the solution.
Fair winds,
*Charlie Atkins, Co-host
John Roten, Co-host

NEW 12/30/2019:
To reserve Your Room For the 2020 Reunion be sure to Call:
Group reservations coordinator, Casandra at 503-335-2857
Remember, It is  up to You to make your own room reservations.
Ask for the USS Hector Reunion Room Rate: $119.00/ night,
which includes the parking, breakfast, internet and shuttle.


Click Here to View a 2020 Reunion Teaser Video
by Romeo Cruz

Now CLICK  HERE  for a Reunion Registration Form
in  PDF Format which you can print out

From the Hosts' Desk - March 1, 2020:

Ahoy Shipmates,

We now have most of the costs and itinerary ready now and all the contracts worked out. Attached to this April issue and to the website, will be the registration form for the reunion. There will be so much more in our planning. We plan to have an evening get together, every night, in the hospitality room with some sort of “special” event. Check your POD on arrival.

Please make your reservations with the Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel as early as you can. If we fill the Sheraton, they will be booking overflow and late comers to nearby hotels and shuttle service to Sheraton. So, book early! We are getting word back from many that they are planning to attend this reunion event and we are very excited.

Watch for our “special signs” when entering the hotel. As you enter the Sheraton, hotel registration is just inside the doors. Just past hotel registration and to the right will be the Mt. Adams room. This is entry to the reunion registration where you will pick up your member venue and banquet packets. Also, this is entry into the hospitality room. You will find a “Plan of the Day” in your registration envelope that will give you a good idea of our planned events and activities. The Banquet will be held in the Mt. Hood facility next door to Adams. (check the hotel website floor plan)

Our venues will be a lunch cruise on the Willamette River. We did this in 2012 and was very popular with our attendees. Keep your eye out for the “flasher”! Another “new” venue will be a visit to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. This is where the 
USS Blueback is stationed. John and I have visited OMSI and this will be a very interesting venue. They plan to have a “special” showing for Hector at theplanetarium. There is much more to see at OMSI

We reserve the right to make changes and screwups as humanly possible and as circumstances dictate.

We will be as professional as volunteers can be. Which is normal for all of our reunion hosts of the past.

But we will have FUN! No matter what happens.

Fair winds, following seas shipmates!

John and I will see you in Portland!!

Charlie Atkins, HT2 1971-74 (DC shop)
John Roton, EN-3, 1958-60

Additional Reunion Information

For those of you who wish to be adventurous on your own, here are a few things to consider.
I only provide this for your own pursuits and you will need to make your own arrangements.

1. Cascade station – A shopping center and Tri-met station (light rail). Many major retail
stores and some locals. Also, Tri-met pickup and drop point Check
cascadestationshopping.com or call 503-477-9381 for more current information.

2. Tri-met – Portland public transit system (light rail, bus and trolly) Day passes (hop on/
off) $28/ adult (as advertised). For more current information call 503-238-7433 or

3. Greyline pink trolly Hop on/ off- Call 503-241-7373 or Greyline of Portland.net. Day pass
is $37/ adult (as advertised) and includes a trip to Multnomah Falls. Check website for
more current information.

4. Additional possible tours:
a. Brewvana – City brew tours.com or 503-729-6804
b. Food tours – check viator.com or 855-710-1160
c. General tour info – wildwoodtours.com or 503-396-3929

Remember, the above information is for your consideration and there is no USS Hector
contracts or discounts with the above mentioned. This is only a partial list of possibilities for
your consideration outside of Reunion planned activities.