US NAVY REPAIR SHIP: 1944 - 1987

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NEW 12/30/2019:
To reserve Your Room For the 2020 Reunion be sure to Call:
Group reservations coordinator, Casandra at 503-335-2857
Remember, It is  up to You to make your own room reservations.
Ask for the USS Hector Reunion Room Rate: $119.00/ night,
which includes the parking, breakfast, internet and shuttle.


From the Hosts' Desk - December 2018:

Wow! What a great reunion! We missed some folks that we looked forward to seeing. Yes, life happens and we just look forward to the next one. Norris did a great job in spite of some of the glitches all past hosts know about. Nothing is perfect, but we did not let that get in the way.

Ok, John and I got handed the baton, and now we got to run with it. So, we want to share the vision we have for the next
reunion and the direction we see for the Association.

First and foremost, John and I will do our dead level best to put on the best reunion that we can muster up. We have been to enough reunions now to understand that each one has its own personality and unique qualities. To compare is not even in the equation as they all have fun in their own way. If anything, Bob Lea and Pete Pilgrim passed on, is that this whole adventure we share is supposed to be fun. So, thatís what we plan in the first place.

Second, is recruitment and retention. Our numbers are starting to slip. Naturally, some of us are sailing off into the blue beyond and others have inability to attend reunions for many good reasons. Then there are those who may have been forgotten and lost interest. They donít see anyone on the attendee list that they sailed with and think we are no longer interested in them. NOT TRUE. We know that there are 1980ís crew members that do not feel they are of our circle. NOT TRUE. We need you all and want you. So, we will be trying to do some recruiting and retention communication in hopes that we can increase our numbers. The old adage, many hands make work light, is so true. After the last 1980ís crew member is gone, there is no more USS Hector AR-7, unless, we do something to keep her memory alive. That is in the form of memories about what Hector and who her crew was and what they did. We have heard many
wonderful stories that should be saved for future generations. Third is our goal/vision for is to have Hector memorabilia and documents be on display in a museum. We have had many hours of frustration in trying to make some headway in this direction. This vision was not mine, but Charlie Mederís, our first Historian.

Right now, we have an opportunity to possibly have this happen through Jim Ohr, who is a Hector alumnus, our liaison and present volunteer crew member on the USS Iowa. We will be working through Jim to possibly have this goal become a reality. What many donít know is the lack of space aboard the Iowa. Presently many of her decks are closed and need renovation to be open to the public. If you look at the Iowa website, you will see that it takes a lot of money to keep her open to the public and they are a non-profit like us. We are open to any ideas or service in effort of this goal. We have had a considerable monetary input to get their attention to have us aboard. We have been able to raise funds over and above our operating budget to accomplish this. Please consider giving a tax deductible donation towards this effort. A donation sent to Gene Bartolaba will get you a letter you can use towards a tax deduction on your IRS returns.

See you in Portland, Oregon in 2020!
Charlie Atkins, HT2 1971-74 (DC shop)
John Roton, EN-3, 1958-60