Ports of Call:

Hector was often forward deployed from Sasebo, making this home away from home for many of us...

Did you have a burrito from the Roach Coach?  (Year Unknown)
Sasebo - Early 1950's
Sasebo - Early 1950's

Sasebo Enlisted Men's Club - 1958
Arrival - 1972
Main Gate - 1972
Downtown Sasebo '72

"Daughter of the Sun" Peace Statue
Paradise Alley '72
Shopping Arcade at night
Saikai Bridge

Paradise Alley 1970

Nagasaki Tour - 1972
The Peace Statue 
was constructed by sculptor Seibo Kitamura, in 1955 by donations from all over the world.  The purpose was to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the atomic bombing and to appeal for lasting world peace. The 10-meter-high bronze statue is highly symbolic. The right hand pointing skyward warns about the threat of the atomic bomb. The left hand stretching out horizontally symbolizes world peace. The gently closed eyes represent a prayer for the repose of the souls of all atomic bomb victims. Just in front of the statue, there is a black stone box containing the names of victims. A peace ceremony is held on August 9th every year, and the names of atomic bomb survivors who died during the year are added to the list. 
Child Praying for Peace

A statue established in 1967 and 
located in the Peace Park. It was 
established with a wish for world 
peace by the Nagasaki citizens, 
with the support of the children 
from all over the world.

Confucian Shrine 

Build in 1893 by Chinese residents 
of Nagasaki with the support of 
the Qing Dynasty government in 
honor of Confucius, the ancient
Chinese teacher and philosopher 
(551-479BC). The present shrine, 
with its bright yellow-roof tiled 
gate and red walls,was refurbished 
and opened to visitors in 1983.

Photos provided by:
Charlie Atkins 71-74 (HT2)
Robert Lea 49-55 (BT1)
Melvin Burkley 58-60 (EM3)
James Ohr 69-73 (MM2)
Dennis Stahl 69-72 (HT3)
Ed Connors 70-71 (RM3)