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Membership hits New 3 Year High

 It took three years, but thanks to many of you our membership has grown from approximately 28% to a three year high of 41.75%.  That's an increase of almost 50%.  The increase in membership is a clear indication that as our association continues to grow the support of our shipmates grows even stronger.
    The percentages tell me that more and more shipmates recognize the importance of our associatrion and appreciate our goal to foster goodwill and fellowship to all who served on board the Hector.  Even more importantly, the percentages tell me that more and more shipmates want to be a continuing part of the Hector crew and her history.
     It is our hope that through our work we will continue to reunite shipmates and keep the Hector Spirit alive for years to come.  Thanks to your membership we can make that happen.
I'm experiencing some "Growing Pains' as I learn how to produce my own web
pages for the Ship's Store.

Please be Patient &
I will try to have things in order ASAP.

John Blevins, Storekeeper

Back In Home Port

I just returned from our reunion in South Dakota and it was great.
The Mount Rushmore, the Badlands and Custer State Park will all be something to remember.
Ship Store Sales went through the roof, I'm completely sold out of Sweat Shirts, hats, and all but one size small jacket.

Suggestions made at the 2006 reunion brought about some new and different Ship Store items.
 This reunion was no different, you can expect to see new clothing items and I'm bring back the Hector mug.
I will be working closely with the vendors with hopes of having these items available for this Holiday Season.

I  am in the process of restocking items so if you're looking to purchase anything please check below for what is still available.
I expect the ship store to be up and running at full speed by mid October.
New items will be in limited supply so when they become available, you better order fast.

     Your ship store had been able to hold down the price of merchandise for over two years.  Low Prices, Free shipping and added Savings was my way of saying Thank You for your support and to Promote Membership.  Due to the increase cost of merchandise and postage I can no longer hold the line on several of our items.
     Beginning October 1st, 2008 the prices on all Caps will be increased by $1. Jackets, Polo Shirts, and Sweatshirts will be increased by $2.  All Other items, because of the low mailing costs will remain at their current price.  I will do my best to help hold the new prices through 2010.

Your ship's store still has the best competitive prices, quality merchandise and every cent helps support your association.

Our Winner for the June Member's only Hector Jacket Giveaway is RM2 Conrad Curtis  Congratulations to you Conrad and Thank you for your past order.
Remember, if you would like to be eligible for a free entry in our next Hector Jacket Giveaway the rules are simple.  Just make a Ship's Store purchase from June 1, 2008 - November 30, 2008.  Our next drawing will be in the December 1, 2008.

Every member who makes a purchase will automatically be entered in our free bi annual Hector jacket giveaway.  Drawings will be held in June and December.  To be eligible for the June drawing you must be a current member and either you or someone made a purchase in your name* from December 1 of the previous year to May 31 of the year of the drawing.  To be eligible for the December drawing the same qualifying rules apply but purchases would have had to been made from June 1 to November 30 of the year of the drawing.

  If you would like to take advantage of our monthly Internet sales, become a contestant in our next Jacket Give-Away, and receive our newsletter, the Hector Herald, you may do so simply by making out a $15 check to: USS Hector Sailors Association and mailing it to: Mr. Robert Pratt, 2198 Brunswick Avenue, Mechanicsburg, Pa, 17055

 $15 membership today will be honored through September 2010.

  All the savings and benefits of Membership is our way of saying Thank You!

*Order must be shipped to the members address in order for the member to be eligible for the Free Hector Jacket Giveaway raffle.   Upon request, all Gift Packages will be marked "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL ______"  and will not bare the name of our Association.  Please use the comment box on your order form for your request and any special instructions.

Check Monthly for Members only Sale Item !!!

NOTE:  All Prices Include Shipping
Clothing items with the Hector logo have gold lettering and a silver ship,
except for the sweatshirt which has blue lettering with a silver ship.
Ship's Ball Cap - blue twill  with 
gold lettering, silver ship, adjustable
Members:  $13.00
Non Members  $16.00
Summer Mesh Style Ship's Ball Cap 
blue w/gold lettering, silver ship, adjustable
Members:  $13.00
Non Members  $16.00
Nylon Windbreaker w/cotton lining
Navy color w/logo 
Sizes: S - M - L - XL - 2XL - 3XL
Members:  $28.00
Non Members:  $33.00
1 size Small left
POLO SHIRT (w/collar)
Navy color w/logo 
Sizes: S - M - L - XL - 2XL - 3XL
Members:  $26.00 
Non Members:  $31.00
POLO SHIRT (w/collar)
Khaki color w/logo 
Sizes: S - M - L - XL - 2XL -3XL
(2XL in Light Tan only)
Members:  $26.00 
Non Members:  $31.00
Knit Watch Cap (Blue)
Members:  $12.00
Non Members  $14.00
Sizes: S - M - L - XL -2XL
Members:  $26.00 
Non Members:  $31.00
8.5"x11" B&W Photo of the Ship's Nest: VungTau, Vietnam 7 March 1972
Members:  $8.00
Non Members:  $10.00
8.5"x11" B&W Photo taken from the Golden Gate Bridge in May 1957
Members:  $8.00
Non Members:  $10.00 each
USS Hector License Plate
Members:  $13.00
Non Members:  $15.00 each
USS Hector Bumper Sticker
Members:  $4.00
Non Members:  $6.00 each
4" diameter reproduction of a 
1970's jacket patch (Vietnam Era)
Members:  $7.00 
Non Members:  $8.50
4" diameter reproduction
of a 1980's jacket patch
Members:  $7.00
Non Members:  $8.50
4" Vinyl Decal 
Self Adhesive
Members: $6.50
Non Members: $8.00
The Lone Sailor Coffee Mug (14 oz)
Costs more elsewhere!!!
Members:  $12.00
Non Members:  $14.00
USS Hector 2002 Reunion
Branson, MO
Commemorative Pin 
Members:  $4:00
Non Members:  $5.00
USS Hector 2004 Reunion
Albuquerque, NM
Commemorative Pin 
Members:  $4.00
Non Members:  $5.00
(Members only special:  Get both the 2002 and 2004 pins for only $7
Just because you weren't there, doesn't mean you can't own one !!!)
USS Hector 2004 Reunion
Hagerstown, MD
Commemorative Pin
Members:  $5.00
Non Members:  $7.00
Limited 3 PIECE PIN SET - $10 for Members
ONLY 15 SETS ARE AVAILABLE/ 1 set per customer
USS Hector Association Membership
Give your Spouse, Friend, or Family Member a 2 year Membership for only $15.00 (for each 2 years between Reunions).
This will entitle them to receive all newsletters, with Reunion Information, Sea Stories & other Memories, as well as discounted Member Prices here in the Ship's Store.    A Great Gift!
Make your check payable to the 
USS Hector Association, and mail  to:

USS Hector Association
c/o Bob Pratt
2198 Brunswick Avenue 
Mechanicsburg, Pa. 17055

Give a Hector Gift Certificate !!!
Every Gift Certificate is custom designed 
to suit the amount and occasion you want.

To print out a mail-in order form:  CLICK HERE
If you have any questions regarding items, cost or membership
please contact me at

 Your Ship’s Store doors are never closed for business or suggestions.
John C. Blevins, Storekeeper

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