Inquiries made on this page are for the convenience of HECTOR Shipmates and their families, ONLY.  Shipmates and their Families may have Searches listed for help finding Shipmates & Legal Assistance with Military related health problems or injuries.  Other Inquiries may be made at the descretion of the USS Hector Association.  Searches will remain on this page for 3 years (36 months) and will be removed at the end of that time.  It is up to the individual to be aware of their time limit for the posting, and up to the individual to renew their search, if desired.

Old, previously listed searches were given 6 months to renew them.  Anyone wishing to relist their search, please contact us.

If you are able to assist any of these people, or if you would like to submit an inquiry,
please send the information along with your name, mailing and e-mail address
to our Secretary, Norris Long at

NEW 5/14/15
Veteran's Officer is working with a Veteran (Jim Dunlap) who was on the Hector 72-74.  The ship was in Danang Harbor 2 or 3 times during his tour.  He has numerous AO issues and asserts that when docked in Danang that he went and his Division/Section had a picnic on shore.  Jim may have worked in the Machine Shop or with Machinery Repair & is looking for someone who can verify he went on liberty in Vietnam
Please contact:
Patrick N. Plourd; Veterans Service Officer, Douglas County, Oregon
tel: 541-440-4506

NEW 1/13/15
Family of Richard H. Degregorio, 53-56 (SN) desires to make contact with any shipmate who may have known or worked with him.  Contact:  sstone@bplaw/com
NEW 7/14/14
"Amadeo "Amie" Lombardo, Seaman first class, 44-46, desires to make contact with any fellow crewmates who may have served with him.  Please respond to Association Secretary.

NEW 6/26/14
Family of Richard Barreto, 43-46 (PH2), is searching for any information former crewmates would be willing to share on service time during that era, especially if they knew him.  Contact the Association Secretary through the website.

NEW 1/24/14
Daughter of deceased crewmate Percy L. "Bunk" Marshall,  DCCM (58-59) desires to communicate with anyone who served with her father to learn more about what he did on the ship.  Contact the Secretary through the website at:

NEW 12/26/13
Rene Gonzalez, 68-69 (EMFN), is searching for anyone who has become ill from the effects of exposure to asbestos.  Desires information with his filing of a claim with the VA.  Contact the Association secretary at (link above)

NEW 6/18/13
Charles Mincey (1949-52), who served in the Gyro Compass Repair Shop, would like to be contacted by anyone who served with, or remembers him.  He would also like to  contact Charles E. Spohn, who had an article in the July 2013 issue of The Hector Herald.   Contact the Association with information.

NEW 2/13/13
Josh Crance, 63-64 (SK3) is trying to locate Michael Pritchard, R-5 Division, who served during the early 1960's.  Please contact at:

NEW 1/16/13
The family of Francis Edward McNichols, CWT (48), is searching for anyone who served with him and could provide any information.  Please respond through the website.

NEW 2/07/12
Jerry Mouton of the USS Ponchatoula (AO-148) is looking for a Hector Sailor by the (last) name of Guess, perhaps originally from Lafayette, LA, or any other Hector softball team members from 1970.  He played for his Ship against the Hector team in Sasebo, Japan.

Contact Jerry Mouton

NEW 2/02/12
Carolyn McKinley, widow of Emmett "Mac" McKinley 55-60 (MR1), desires to make contact with fellow shipmate Al Spears, who served with her husband.  Contact the Association secretary for information.

NEW 2/01/12
Brenda Beverly is searching for anyone who may remember her father, Glenn M. Tatum who served on the ship circa 1944, unknown rate.  Contact the Association secretary for additional info.

NEW 11/07/11
David Porter, son of Kenneth Edward Porter ETR2 (circa 68-72)  from Long Beach (and originally Albuquerque, New Mexico), and who died in PA in 2001. would like to make contact with anyone who may have information about his father.  David and his Mother also lived in Sasebo, Japan for one year when the Hector was stationed there.  Please contact the Association thru the Website with any information.

NEW 11/05/11
Ryan Hicks, grandson of William K. Sisco, Jr. 44-46 (SN1c), desires to make contact with anyone who served with his grandfather.  Email the secretary of the Association for contact information.

NEW 5/08/11
Janice Covey, widow of Clayton G. "Clay" Covey, 66-69 (MR2), would like to hear from crewmates who could assist her with any information that would assist with her filing for VA benefits related to Clay's possible exposure to cancer causing agents (ie. agent orange, asbestos, etc.).  Clay served in the Upper Machine Shop.

Contact Mrs. Covey at:

NEW 5/05/11
Merle Jones, 75-77 (BTFN), is searching for Richard "Rick" Knisley, circa 73-76 (MM3?), who worked in the Upper Machine Shop.  Anyone with information may contact the website.
NEW 5/02/11
SK2 William A. (Bill) Smillie is looking for LCDR Melvin (nmn) Kemp, USNR, who was the Supply Officer from 1969-1970.  Please contact the Association thru the Website with any information.

NEW 3/09/11
Michael Pittenger, Grandson of George M. Pittenger, MRMC (63-71) R-2 Division, has several photos taken onboard the Hector, etc. during the time frame indicated.  He is willing to give to any crewmate who knew his Grandfather and would like them.


NEW 11/04/10
I need some signed statements that we went on liberty in Vung Tau when the ship was anchored in Vung Tau.   I am looking for someone on the Hector that was on Liberty when I was.  I am applying for benefits that are related to the agent orange.

Jerry Moore YN3 1969-1971

NEW 10/28/10
Bill McCarty SKSN (1946-48) would appreciate any information about Kenneth Lindberg (1946-48) from  the state of Washington  and Charles M.R. Graham (1946-48)  originally from Tucson, Arizona, and moved to Oregon

Bill McCarty
W7849 So. Lake Antoine Rd.
Iron Mountain, Michigan   49801

NEW 5/19/10
Dave Hennien, SSGT/USMC, would like to make contact with Hector Colon, with whom he served with on Shore Patrol in Sasebo, Japan in the early 70's.  Contact USS Hector Association secretary, Norris Long, through the website link

NEW 4/07/10
Richard B. Harrison FTG3 is looking for info on James (Jim) Brown GMG2, who came from the Arlington to Hector in Jan/Feb 1970. Anyone with information on his whereabouts should contact the secretary of the Association

NEW 10/01/09
Ray Urch, 73-76 (BT2) is searching for James D. Helland (PN3), possibly originally from Montana, who served on the Hector 73-76.  Anyone with information on his whereabouts should contact the secretary of the Association.

NEW 9/23/09
Trying to locate Antonio Cadena Galindo who was a welder on the USS Hector & USS Ajax during VietNam War.  May have also been on a boxing team from either ship.

Tony Cadena Ruiz
5308 Fairfax Rd., Apt. D
Bakersfield, CA  93306

NEW 9/21/09
Keith Seckel HT3 (Hector - 7/72-12/31/74)(NIOTC 1971-1972) is looking for Steve Johnson, HT2, who served on Hector from 8/72-74.  Was first stationed on Mare Island at NIOTC.  Contact the Association by emailor:

Keith Seckel
422 Bermuda Rd
Davenport, FL  33897

NEW 8/04/09 invites USS Hector crewmates to send them stories which may have involved working on destroyers and/or destroyer escorts.

Send to:

NEW 7/29/09
Victor Gross is searching for his old best friend, Ray Meyers (FN), nickname "Bigbird", who served on the USS Hector from 78-82.

Victor Gross

NEW 6/16/09
Allen Perkins, 62-65 (IC2), of Crossville, TN desires to make contact with other USS Hector amateur radio operators.  Contact him at the call letters KA1KIX.

NEW 6/2/09
Looking for anyone who knew Donald William Therrin who served on the USS Hector during the Korean War (1950-51).  He was a diver and may have been a mechanic.  Make contact through the Association Secretary.

NEW 5/8/09
I am looking for fellow storekeepers in my division who worked for me on the aft storerooms of the Hector. We had a major problem in one of the storerooms concerning asbestos in that compartment.    E.L. Taylor, Fred Smith, Dan Schultz, please contact me if you have any health issues.

Larry K.Linton / SK2 / 68-70
207 Faver Ln.
Riddle, Oregon 97469

NEW 4/20/09
Searching for Albert Gardner, Jr. who served on the USS Hector in the early 1980's and who lived in Pleasanton, CA.  Contact the Association secretary through the website.

NEW 3/24/09
The secretary of the USS Hector Association is searching for Richard A. Davis, HTFN, who served on board 2/28/82.  (We have located his shellback certificate for crossing the equator)  Please contact through the Association website.

NEW 3/07/09
Jim Gear is looking for lost shipmate MM3 Jim J Doyle (66-68), and who lived in the Sacramento, California area.  If you any info that would help Jim locate Jim Doyle, please contact the Association.

NEW 2/25/09
Ron Woods (MM1/DV/LDO LT) is looking for Chuck/Charles Hoskins, late 50's-early 60's (SF2).  Charles Hoskins home town was Marshalltown, IA.  If anyone can help Ron, please contact the Association.

NEW 2/15/09
The daughter of NCCS Hal Y. Santos is looking for information about her father who served aboard the Hector.  She believes at that time his grade was RM and is not sure when he served on the ship, as she was a little girl.  He passed away in August of 1986.  He was 37 when he died, and only 6 months from retiring fromt he Navy.  She is trying to find anyone that might have known him, or some pictures of him, as she has none.

Theresa Santos

NEW 1/6/09
Matthew Buyer, the Son of Bejamin Franklin Buyer III (2/52-12-54) (d. 22 Aug 98) has some photos of his Father's Shipmates.  The fellows in these photos are unknown to his son, but he would like to share his Fathers's photos with any shipmates or relatives who may be able to identify them.  If you can help or are interested in the photos, we will forward your info to Matthew.   Contact the Association.

NEW 11/9/08
The Daughter of  Thomas A. Ritchie (Deceased at age 38, 1966) aboard 1945 (?) SM3C (?)  is looking for any additional information concerning her father's tour aboard the Hector - she was 11 when her father died and she has 4 younger siblings. Contact the Association.

NEW 10/11/08
Todd Michael Webster served as an engineman recruit (E-1) under Captn. Venezia from '81-'83 and is looking for Andy Lindholm, and Arthur Leo Young III.

Todd Michael Webster

NEW 8/25/08
Daughter desires to hear from anyone who served with and knew her father, Thomas E. Moye (CHC), who was associated with the chaplin (or was the chaplin) under the command of Capt. R.R. Managhan (61-62).  Contact the Association.

NEW 8/11/08
James Askew (SKSN) 51-55, who has stage 4 cancer,  would like to hear from anyone who served with him.  Contact the Association for contact information.

The daughter of Charles E. Griess (1956-58) is looking for anyone who served aboard during those years to get pictures or any information regarding Ports of Call, Crew Member names, etc.   She's putting a Navy Album together as a surprise for her Dad and any help would be appreciated.

Michele Viles

NEW 8/24/07
Desire to locate anyone who may have known Robert Lee Bain (deceased) who served on the USS Hector in the early months of 1949 as a radio operator/electrician.  Contact Nettie Gibson through the Association.

NEW 5/29/07
Harry Thomas Albright (1956-1960) is looking for some old friends: Elmond J. Haffer or Heffer, MM1 (56-5); James W. Zanneli, MM1 or MM2 (50-60); Charles Ray Smith, MM3 (50-60); and A.R. Brady, MM3 1956-1960.

Harry Thomas Albright
2600 Vale Ave.
Kannapolis, NC 28081
Phone:  704-938-2282

NEW 4/3/07
Richard H. Hess (55-58) MM2,  passed away 2/20/07 from Mesothelioma.  Richard's daughter would like to hear from anyone who knew him or can tell her what exactly her Dad's job was aboard ship.

Debra D. Blacklaw
Cell:  (574) 596-2016

 NEW 3/30/07
Tom Gigowski is seeking data on the normal steam operating pressure of the boilers on Hector, total horsepower and also the horsepower rating of the three hydro-electo electric turbines in each boiler room.  If you have the info, he'd appreciate hearing from you.

Tom Gigowski EN2 (69-70)

NEW 3/18/07
We represent James Draper who has mesothelioma (cancer caused from asbestos), and we would like to contact individuals who served at the same time as Mr. Draper. .  He was a BT/machinist mate on the Hector from approximately 1951-1953 and did work in the outside repair shop working on pumps, valves and other equipment.  Any help you can provide would be very appreciated by Mr. Draper and his family.

Roger E. Gold
Levin, Simes, Kaiser & Gornick, LLP
44 Montgomery Street, 36th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104
1-800-901-4001;  (415) 273-8122 (direct)
(415) 981-1270 (fax)